The Production Process for Krishna C60 Amrit


Krishna C60 Amrit production begins with the highest quality C60 from Solaris Chem Inc of Canada.

Solaris About with C60 Description
Solaris C60 raw bottles

Then the raw, 99.99% pure C60 is mixed with organic extra virgin olive oil in a custom mixing machine:

C60 Mixing Machine

The actual mixer is inside the black soundproofed cabinet. It uses a vibrating metal plate, a kind of "infrasound" which, unlike ultrasound, does not warm up the oil. It takes several days to dissolve the C60. Such a machine is much more effective than a magnetic or overhead stirrer. We vacuum-dry Solaris' c60 so you can be 100% certain that the final product is bona-fide.

Then comes the final mixing stage that creates the C60 olive oil solution. Note: this is a true solution, not a colloidal suspension. A new lipid molecule is formed which includes the C60 molecule as part of the lipid chain molecule found in olive oil. This creates an extremely bio-available form of lipofullerene C60. C60 does not dissolve in water at all, and it is only very poorly soluble in edible oils such as olive oil, the oil used in the original c60 rat study.

We use an 25 gallon recirculation vessel and mix under complete darkness, since light has been theorized to be able to negatively effect lipofullerene C60. So we use bottles with pitch-black glass from Miron in the Netherlands.

Very important is the exact type and brand of olive oil used. Olive oil is adulterated worldwide, and what is generally sold in supermarkets as extra virgin, is no such thing - neither is it often truly pure olive oil at all, but instead cut with cheaper oils. Because we do not know whether (part of) the anti-aging effect is due to certain types of fatty acids in the olive oil used or due to antioxidant compounds in the cold-pressed, unfiltered oil, we think it is of prime importance to use the absolute best extra virgin olive oil in the world. We went to a Cretan village and watched how the olives were pressed and the containers filled in our presence. Our oil is unfiltered, because the sediments contain a variety of unique antioxidant compounds that we don't want to lose, especially not since it has been postulated by researchers that the chlorophyl in combination with the C60 may have something to do with the life-extension effect. The original researchers used a high-quality Tunesian oil that one of the researchers, a Tunesian, himself imported from a Tunesian village. We source our oil from another Cretan village. They sell their oil online on http://www.cretanoliveoilfarm.com

The oil is, after centrifuging for half an hour at 5000g, filtered through a filter with a pore size of 0.22 uM, small enough to block all CFU's (Colony Forming Units: bacteria & fungal spores). We use glass bottles because we do not want any volatile compounds such as phtalates in the plastics to end up in the oil.

C60 Centrifuge

We use a Thermo IEC Centra GP8R which centrifuges three liters per batch, taking one hour. It refrigerates as it spins, avoiding a warmup of the oil. Centrifuging is the first step in assuring a product free from small particles. Vacuum filtration is the next step.

C60 bottle filingAfter the bottles have been filled and sealed, we place them into a Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid.

C60 Charging Pyramid

This pyramid has a bio-north magnetic floor to properly align the molecules of C60 for maximum bio availability. In the center is a very large Vedic Vitara Technology quartz crystal antenna to charge the C60 olive oil solution with the entire Rig Veda. This process takes 44 hours.

C60 Charging Pyramid inside

The finished product is highly energized Krishna C60 Amrit.

Krishna C60 Amrit Bottles

Krishna C60 Amrit is blended with organic olive oil based body lotion to create Krishna C60 Amrit Body Lotion.

Krishna C60 Lotion X10 bundle reflection

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Krishna C60 Amrit Body Lotion is the most convenient and effective way to protect your whole body from life-destructive chaotic electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation (5G), by making your skin into an Electrosensitivity Shield. When you cover your body with trillions of C60 molecules, you will gain the benefit of wearing an armor of protection from harsh environmental toxins.

Also, while many of the C60 molecules are protecting your whole body from radiation, some of the Rig Veda Energized C60 Molecules are absorbed into the body and travel to the internal cells. Each application provides enough C60 molecules for every cell in the body. These C60 molecules take up residence in the lipid bilayer of your cells to adsorb toxins that may be in the cells, protect the cells from life damaging influences, and energize the cells to encourage longer and more vital life.

C60 Molecules in Lipid Bilayer of Cell

Saturate the Body with Krishna C60

Krishna C60 Amrit Body Lotion is the preferred way to saturate the body with the energized C60 molecule. When you put a Rig Veda energized C60 molecules in every cell of the body (they will reside in the lipid bilayers of the cells and mitochondria), then every cell will gain the following benefits:

Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid LogoThe Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid is a patent pending structure that simulates the environment of Satyug.

According to Vedic Literature (Srimad Bhagavatam 3.11.19 and other texts) there are four major periods of time in the universe, known as the four Yugas. These ages see a gradual decline in dharma, wisdom, knowledge, intellectual capability, life span, and physical strength. These four periods are:

  1. Satya Yuga:- Virtue reigns supreme. Average human lifespan was 100,000 years.
  2. Treta Yuga: – There was 3 quarter virtue & 1 quarter sin. Average human lifespan was 10,000 years.
  3. Dwapar Yuga: – There was 1 half virtue & 1 half sin. Average human lifespan was 1000 years.
  4. Kali Yuga: – There is 1 quarter virtue & 3 quarter sin. Average human lifespan will be 100 years.

In our time now, Kaliyug, the environment is minimally conducive to the development of full human potential and higher states of consciousness. However, in Satyug the environment is ideal for these aspects of life.

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In the last 100 years our world has changed from a more natural, safe, low electromagnetic environment to one heavily polluted by chaotic electromagnetic devices.

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