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Energized Structured Water is Vital For Life

Water is the most important aspect of our universe to support life. All life depends on water.

What water does for youNaturally pure and flowing water, like that from a mountain stream, is totally different from the bottled or piped water we have today.

Mountain Stream

We all prefer to drink pure, clean water. That is why bottled water is so popular in the world today.Bottled WaterMany will only drink bottled water and avoid drinking tap water because of the chemicals and processing that it goes through before it comes out of the tap. It’s not pure. But bottled water is not ideal either - actually as we will see it is one of the worst choices for good, healthy water.  Plus, there is the environmental impact of all those plastic bottles - this is not a solution we can live with.

Did you ever drink from a clean mountain stream?

Drink from a clean mountain stream

You can really taste the difference between tap water and natural water. Why? Naturally pure and flowing water is alive with prana and devas to nourish and support life. The water most of us drink is dead. It is just a chemical compound of Hydrogen and Oxygen - H2O - and is devoid of prana and devas. This water lacks the life and intelligence required by the body. It is no wonder that human beings in Kali Yuga only live for 100 years if they are lucky. In Sat Yuga where the water is pure, alive and intelligent, people have a lifespan of 100,000 years!

Water Droplet

As water naturally flows in streams and rivers it flows over crystals and minerals and picks up magnetism, prana and intelligence from these natural sources. Frequently the water will form into vortices and gain oxygen and prana from the atmosphere. Water naturally transitions in this way into its fourth phase, as what is called Structured Water (liquid, vapor, ice and structured).

Water vortex

Let's understand what we mean by the fourth state of water - Structured Water. Structured Water is the same molecular arrangement of water molecules that exists when water is near hydrophilic (water loving) surfaces. Much like ice, water molecules join together in hexagonally structured single layer sheets. Unlike ice, however, the sheets are flexible and move independently as they are not glued together by protons. The majority of the water in a healthy body is Structured Water because your healthy bodily tissues are hydrophilic.

Fourth State of Water

Fourth Phase of WaterProfessor Gerald Pollack at the University of Washington is one of the world's foremost expert on the fourth phase of water and of course has a book “The Fourth Phase of Water” (published 2013). In this book, Dr. Pollack describes exactly what Structured Water is and discusses the mountains of scientific data from his experiments over the last several years.

He discovered that Structured Water forms on any hydrophilic (water loving) surface when it is exposed to light. The visible light spectrum and ultraviolet light will create Structured Water, but infrared light is the most powerful. Regular water is H2O, but when Structured Water is formed, it turns into H3O2, and the extra protons go to the “bulk” water in the form of hydronium ions. The result is two separate parts of the water: Next to the hydrophilic surface, a hexagonal, honeycomb shaped lattice of H3O2 with a negative charge and higher viscosity, that
excludes all solutes (hence the term Exclusion Zone used by Pollack) - is 100% pure water, full of hydronium ions with a positive charge. Essentially this creates a battery, with a positive and negative end.


The Cells in Your Body Should be Negatively Charged.

Water in the Human Body

It is common scientific knowledge that the healthy cells in your body are negatively charged. But where does this come from? The water inside your cells should actually be Structured Water, creating the negative charge that your cells need to function. But as we will see the video below, that is not always the case.

To understand what the potential benefits of Vedic Vortex Structured Water might be, it helps to first grasp how water works within our cells. Let's look at how Structured Water can create an effect on the body; in this video the blood is studied.

Vedic Vortex Structured Water: Effect on Blood

Structured Water helps your cells create energy, and aids in cellular detoxification, among many other functions. If your body is healthy and normal, it can use its energy to create Structured Water from regular H2O internally. If your body is not able to create Structured Water, or you want to save that energy, you can supply your body externally with Structured Water.

Structured WaterThe honeycomb shaped lattice is why Structured Water is sometimes called "hexagonal water".

How Does Vortexing Create Structured Water?

In a properly designed vortex, some water molecules dissociate into hydrogen and oxygen. This newly created oxygen and any oxygen already dissolved in the water is mixed up uniformly. Oxygen itself is a hydrophilic element. Hexagonal sheets of structured water grow outward from the oxygen, layer by layer.Water VortexThe totality of Structured Water does not just include the hexagonal sheets of water molecules mentioned earlier, but also the water immediately surrounding them. As the hexagonal layers grow, protons are ejected into the nearby water. This creates a most unexpected phenomenon - an electrical potential (voltage) between the Structured Water and the water surrounding it. In other words, Structured Water stores energy, much like a battery.

Let's watch Dr. Pollack explain this phenomenon of Structured Water:

Water, Cells, and Life | Dr. Gerald Pollack

You might be wondering, “If Structured Water is a battery, what charges it?” Dr. Pollack discovered that Structured Water charges by absorbing frequency energy. Both light frequencies and sound frequencies can charge Structured Water with energy. Basically, structured water absorbs prana and devas. Devas are intelligent sparks of creative energy, as we are told by Maharishi.

Structured Water is a battery that needs constant charging. Energized Structured Water recharges the liquid battery of the body. When the body has sufficient energy, its aqueous interior is highly charged allowing for optimized cellular and metabolic function in addition to greater hydration and detoxification.

While vortexing creates structured water, not all Structured Water created in this way is equal. This is because once the conditions for Structured Water have been created by the vortex, the water then needs to absorb energy from the environment to build up the structure further and charge the water battery. It can be said then that Structured Water needs to ‘mature’ before it is consumed. Viktor Schauberger, the Austrian naturalist and ‘water genius’ said the same thing in many of his famous writings.

Vedic Vortex Water for Full HydrationFreshly vortexed water, or Structured Water, provides the body with some benefit. However, for full benefits, one should drink only Vedic Vortex Energized Structured Water. Only Vedic Vortex Energized Structured Water maximizes structured water’s benefit to the body. This is because water has a memory and water can be reprogrammed because of this fact.

The Memory of Water

Water Has Memory

It has now been conclusively proven that water records or "remembers" everything that it comes in contact with in a way not unlike a computer hard drive. When water is exposed to toxic thoughts, chemicals, materials and environments, it remembers and stores the unnatural vibrations of these insults deep within its molecular framework. Water remembers toxic substances like cadmium, lead, mercury, chemical solvents, estrogen, dioxin, plant protection agents, lacquers, acids, artificial fertilizer, phosphates, bleach, softener, etc.

Polluted WaterThis memory cannot be removed by any form of filtration and the toxic effects of these memories remain until they are naturally "cleared" or "cleansed", which is exactly what we have accomplished with Vedic Vortex Vitara Structured Water.

But water also remembers the healthy, energetic side of all life on earth and serves as the conduit for its expression. Research carried out by Nobel Prize Winner Professor Luc Montagnier revealed that water and DNA responded identically to many outside stimuli and can actually be programmed or “organized” by electro-magnetic and sonic frequencies in the form of photons (light waves) and phonons (sound waves).

Photons and PhononsDr. Jacques Benveniste, in 1988, discovered that a material substance could be diluted in water and then be completely removed from it through filtration. Yet the water itself continued to retain the same healthy or harmful vibrational frequency as the removed substance, just as the voice of a singer is transferred and stored onto a CD.

The structure of waterIn 2002, Dr. Peter Gariaev, director of the Wave Genetics Institute in Moscow, Russia, for the first time in history successfully managed to directly affect genetic information in the DNA of living rats using only electromagnetic frequencies. The information transfer of healing electromagnetic frequencies resulted in a 90% success rate in the healing and rebuilding of damaged pancreatic tissue.

DNAWater can absorb, retain and also transmit biological information from one source to another by using electromagnetic frequencies. Their results confirm earlier ongoing research started in 1951, by Dr. Piccardi of Italy, verifying water’s extreme receptivity to subtle energy influences.

In some of his experiments the technology used was modified to allow for successful wireless transmission of the healing frequencies to the sick rats at a distance of 20 kilometers. Extremely weak signals were used. Yet astonishingly, the rats’ DNA was able to read and apply the signals that directly provoked a complete healing in almost every case! In other amazing discoveries of water’s mysterious attributes, scientists at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf in Germany discovered that the structured water surrounding the DNA molecule actually influences the very structure of the genetic code of life itself.[5]

The processes of the Vedic Vortex Vitara first removes the memory of water then programs a new memory by energizing it with the Rig Veda.

Energizing Vedic Vortex Structured Water

Vedic Vortex VitaraWhat could be more energizing to Structured Water than the Primordial Sounds that created our universe - the Rig Veda? The Rig Veda contains 432,000 mantras that are literally the basis of our entire universe. If we impart the devic energy of the Rig Veda to freshly Structured Water, then we have the best possible Structured Water - fully charged with the Primordial Devas of the universe.  This water will be maximally beneficial to the human body - it is the water of Sat Yuga.

We call this Vedic Vortex Structured Water and it can be easily and quickly created in your own home with a Vedic Vortex Vitara.  This is a short process that takes only 30 minutes. You place a glass container of pure water (filtered to remove chlorine, fluorine and other impurities common in Kali Yuga) on the V3 (Vedic Vortex Vitara) and place the Vedic Vitara Antenna  on top. Turn on the unit and watch how a vortex forms in the water as the Rig Veda is transmitted into the water. After about 15 minutes the vortex is turned off and the water is left to be reprogrammed by the Rig Veda for another 15 minutes. Then your water has been transformed into Vedic Vortex Structured Water and is ready to be used. 

We also mount strong magnets on the sides of the water bottle so that as the water spins in a vortex it is magnetically charged as well. 15 minutes of a strong magnetic influence while spinning in a vortex is adequate to impart the magnetism into the water during the structuring process. Exposing the water to a magnetic field decreases the surface tension of the water. This improves the bioavailability of the water and balances the pH of the water, giving it the perfect alkaline level.

Water structured in this way with a vortex, the influence of a magnetic field and the influence of the Primordial Sounds of the Rig Veda creates water that very much like what we would expect to find in Sat Yuga. The vortex is only one small part of the transformation of water. The magnetic field of the Earth plane decreases from the strongest in Sat Yuga to now where it is the weakest in Kali Yuga. In general, the natural water in Kali Yuga has very limited exposure to magnetic fields. So by adding this increased exposure to the magnetic fields we are bringing the influence of Sat Yuga to bear. Also the lively devata value produced by the Rig Veda creates an environment that is also more like Sat Yuga.

The Benefits of Vedic Vortex Structured Water

While research is still limited and inconclusive, Vedic Vortex Structured Water might have an optimal pH that is crucial to health and is a specific power source that helps us stay maximally hydrated. Because of the many roles that water and hydration have in the body, Vedic Vortex Structured Water should benefit:

  • Energy levels
  • Digestion and regularity
  • Enzymes that help with nutrient absorption
  • Concentration
  • Muscle contractions
  • Positive moods
  • Ability to sleep well
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Respiration
  • Endurance
  • Weight control
  • Kidney and liver health
  • Joint health

Human energy field before and after drinking structured water

Important specific benefits that have been noticed:

  • Reduces acidity and helps regulate the body's pH level.
  • Cleansing skin affected with acne, burns, ulcerated areas, boils and bedsores.
  • Influences the autonomic nervous system.
  • Beneficial for kidney ailments, gout, obesity and age-related illness.
  • Use as a basic therapy for chronic problems where acidosis is a contributing factor to the disease.
  • Promotes better digestion.
  • Aids in any general internal cleansing of the body.
  • Rinsing the eyes twice a day relieves the irritation of dry eyes and the need for artificial tears.
  • Used in Russian clinics to relieve pain, reduce swelling help to prevent kidney stones.
  • Dissipates toxic deposits within the body's connective tissues.
  • Has a generalized therapeutic effect on the body, especially the digestive, nervous and urinary systems.

Research funded by the National Institutes of Health has shown that magnetically treated water, like Vedic Vortex Vitara Water, can have a positive influence on the insulin producing cells of the pancreas that have been damaged in Type 1 Diabetes[2]. Also it is found that magnetically treated water has a better taste and is more bio-available[3] and has an increased pH[4] (more alkaline).

Understanding the Water Within Your Cells

Dead vs Vedic Vortex Water

Water is an important building block in every single cell in your body. The actual structure of your cells is something like a matrix that is made up of a different acids (some of which are proteins). Between the acids is where water is held, essentially bridging the gap. All of the water molecules within our cells hold electrical charges, whether positive or negative. Oppositely charged water molecules line up next to one another, just like a battery.

Ideally, water should get its structure, intelligence and prana from the environment and then bring this vital energy and intelligence to our cells. The idea behind Vedic Vortex Structured Water is this: Ordinary water filtration processes that have the purpose of cleaning drinking water also de-structure water molecules in the process and strip out the prana and intelligence.

When the water is no longer structured the way it was intended to be, the health of your cells suffer; specifically, the protein molecules within your cells don’t work the right way. This can negatively impact muscular and tissue functioning, leaving you prone to injuries.

Vedic Vortex Vitara

Vedic Vortex water is the highest quality, most energetic, structured water available today. It is different from other Structured Water because it is infused with the life supporting vibrational energies of the Rig Veda. This gives the water more life supporting energy and vitality. You can taste and feel the difference when you drink Vedic Vortex water.

The Energy Level of Vedic Vortex Structured Water

We measured[1] the energy level of Vedic Vortex Structured Water compared to unstructured, magnetized, alkaline R/O filtered water. R/O water came in at 230 on a scale of 1 to 1,000. Vedic Vortex Structured Water (made from that same R/O water) measured 1,000. Then we made a batch of Vedic Vortex Structured Water using Atmavedi Crystal Water as the base and this water had an energy level of 2,800!

Atmavedi Crystal Water is created by dissolving a small amount of energized salt in water. This salt has been energized by exposing it to the entire Rig Veda for 1,300 hours.  When we create Vedic Vortex Structured water, we use only the first sukta of each of the 10 mandalas. This is why it only takes 15 minutes (the full Rig Veda is 44 hours). The first sukta contains the seed mantras of the entire mandala, so this is highly effective. However, having the entire set of mantras of the Rig Veda by using Atmavedi Crystal Water as the base creates a very highly energized water.

Vedic Vitara Technology®

A key element of Vedic Vortex Structured Water created by the Vedic Vortex Vitara is the use of Vedic Vitara Technology to charge the Structured Water to a high energy level. The Vedic Vitara Antenna is constructed to provide sound frequency energy into the water on two levels: 1) the physical level with audible sound (using Silent Subliminal technology) and 2) the prana level with frequency transmissions directly into the Scalar Field (or Prana Field).

Vedic Vortex Vitara Antenna

The base of the Antenna is a sound frequency generator that connects to the embedded quartz crystal coil in the Antenna dish. This coil is surrounded by pure gold flakes and elite shungite in a resin base.

[1] Measurements were made using the technique of dowsing with a pendulum. This is the same technique used to select the frequencies for the Dhanvantri Vitara. For detailed information, please view this article.

[2] Effect of the magnetized water supplementation on blood glucose, lymphocyte DNA
damage, antioxidant status, and lipid profiles in STZ-induced rats; Hye-Jin Lee and Myung-Hee Kang

[3] Making Water More Bioavailable With Magnets -- Natural Health Newsletter

[4] The Health Benefits of Magnetic Water

[5] How Water Shapes DNA

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